Once you have agreed to use our service we will guide you through the following steps. Most of them are done by us, and the others are easy and don’t forget we will be there to help you through:

1. You will be invited to a dropbox folder to enable you to easily send files to us:
  • If you are not familiar with dropbox don’t worry it is straight forward
  • We will show you what to do
2. We will email you, asking you to provide us with your shop data:
  • This will consist of a product list; shipping table and images
  • We have specified the format for this data
  • You will receive detailed information to guide you
  • If your data is in a database then an export will be required
3. Once we receive your data we will do the following:
  • Setup an account for you
  • Import you product list; shipping table and images
  • Create your iPhone application
4. Setup an account with the credit card payment provider:
  • We use a payment provider to authorise charge the consumers credit/debit card
  • You will need an account for charges and payment to be made
  • We can guide you through the process which is very straight forward
  • You will provide us with the API Public and Secret keys to enable our server to complete the charge
5. You will have the opportunity to review your app prior to submission to Apple:
  • You can view a demonstration via a webcast (recommended even if you plan to test on your phone)
  • If you use an iPhone you will be able to test it on your phone (information will be needed about your phones id)
  • An appStore account is needed to submit to Apple, if you wish we can organise one for you

Once approved by Apple your customers will be able to use your app to place orders.

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