presenting your brand,converting sales,showcasing your products

Presenting 'you' well

We have spent time designing, crafting and perfecting the way frootly looks and, above all, the way it feels so intuitive to use

Intuitive to use

Making an application simple and easy takes time, and it takes dedication to eliminate the un-necessary while focusing on understanding the important

Crafted to sell

The time we have spent has been worth it - resulting in a highly usable and well balanced intuitive application that will sell your products

Janes T-shirts?

JanesTshirts is a fictitious store we are using to demonstrate how the app would look. Imagine how good it would look with your product range!

To get your own mobile shop...


The home screen is divided into product categories called departments. Current offers can be highlighted using an offers button

Product list

Shows all the products in department, or those filtered by a search

Product detail

Contains all the details about the product, sale price, colour, images and much more. Items can be added to the cart

Menu options

Used to move around the app giving access to the various screens

Shopping cart

A view of the items selected for purchase. Allows the purchasing to be completed


Confirming the order and selected payment method

Order history

Listing of previous orders providing access to the order detail

Order detail

Line by line detail of the items ordered and the price paid

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