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Making it easy

The app that changes everything!

Our long standing vision has been to make it easy for customers to place orders, even when they are unable to connect to the internet.

So that is what we did!

“built for retailers, designed for consumers”

Your retail shop >

Simplify access to your retail store, make ordering easy and see how quickly your customers can use your shopping app on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

In their pocket >

Be with your customers at the moment they have the buying impulse, keep them informed with status notifications on their mobile app.

With your brand >

As a retailer you can get your brand closer to your customers, using your very own beautifully designed mobile shopping app, you can sell your products, your way.

Making it easy for retailers

iPhone using frootly app
Easy to setup
Your app is ready to go. All we need is access to your product data. You probably already have this in a system database or Excel file. If you have a spreadsheet we can start with that. Or you can link us into your current retail system. The list of systems we support is growing all the time.
Manage your catalog
Changes to prices happen all the time. The mobile app regularly checks for updates so the prices presented to your customers are up to date. You can even set a different price to be effective from a future date - allowing you to plan ahead. Or even remove a product from sale after a set date without needing to update your catalog. Would you like to highlight special offers and bring them to your customers attention, well you can!
Manage delivery methods
Controlling the delivery methods a customer can select is key to a safe efficient shipment. Some products can only be sent using particular couriers. Or a signed-for delivery method may need to be used for initial orders or orders exceeding a threshold value. You can control these decisions when the delivery methods are defined. As well as many more features such as those based on speed or delivery location.
Receive orders
You can select your preferred notification method as well as the format of the order information. This can be human-readable, machine-readable or both. So if you would like an email with the order attached then we can send one when the order arrives.
Receive payment
You will only receive an order if the payment provider confirms the charge to the card was completed successfully. Unsuccessful attempts are handled by the application. When you receive a new order you will be able to see the charge in your payment provider account.

To get your own mobile shop...

Making it simple for consumers

Beautiful design
Consumers get a beautifully designed app which has been carefully designed to be intuitive to use. The number of taps and keyboard entry has been kept to the absolute minimum. This attention to detail enables the consumer to stay focused on their purchase.
Anywhere, anytime ordering
There is no need to be in mobile cellular data coverage as the app works offline. The consumer can browse the product catalog when they have the time and order immediately. If they are out of coverage the order will be sent when data connectivity returns.
Simple to control
The consumer is in control of the app. If they only want to use the network when they are in WI-FI range then they can set this option. So the app will not hit their data plan or cause any surprises.

Customers can also select their default shipping method to be either the fastest or the cheapest available for the products in the cart; with the option to override this before they place a particular order.
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iPhone showing prodcut list in frootly app
Of course it needs to be secure >

“so we baked in security from the start”

The communication channel between the phone and our servers is protected by SSL encryption technology. The messages sent over the communications channel are AES encrypted to doubly protect the data being transmitted. You can be secure in the knowledge that industry standard protocols protect your data.

credit card information

The customers credit card details are securely sent to the payment provider who returns a unique token which is used to process the payment. This token can only be used by our server and is useless to anyone else. The customers card details remain private and secure and are only known by the customer and the payment authority. All this means that the customer's credit or debit card details are never passed to our servers or to the retailer.

Why a mobile app?

Your customers will buy more using an application native on their phone. Certainly more than they will if they are using a website even if it is adaptive and optimised for mobile use. A mobile app provides an experience that is much more sophisticated and in tune with your customers needs than is possible using a website. The mobile app can be used when outside of data coverage. If a customer prefers not to use cellular data, they want to use WiFi only, then they can still have a great experience. They can continue to browse your products and even place orders ready to be sent when they return to a location with network access.

Why not develop my own app?

Application development is not cheap and requires continued commitment as technology changes and the new operating system upgrades are rolled out. You do not need to become an IT developer, with all the associated costs, delays and technology decisions that go with such an endeavour. That's what we do for you and will continue to do as the technology landscape changes.

How easy is it to get started?

No programming knowledge is needed, we do that bit. Although, you will need to provide an electronic product catalog listing your products for the app to use. You can do this using MSExcel and your product images. Or you could give us authorised access to your product database in one of the supported eCommerce systems.

How long does it take to get started?

Well that depends mostly on you providing the product data, or access to your eCommerce system. Once we have the details needed to submit your app to the App Store it will usually take up to 10 working days to be ready for your customers to use. Of course, this timescale is outside our control. You will be contacted when the app is ready to be used.

Who can use the app?

The app is designed to be used by retail consumers who wish to buy products using a mobile device (iPhone or iPad).

How will consumers know about the app?

Consumers can be led towards the app through in-store posters, point-of-sale information, Quick Response Codes (QR), website adverts, email or social media communications. Generally any method you use to communicate with your customers can help them discover the apps availability.

How will orders arrive?

You can select from a variety of ways to be informed of an order arriving. For example you can be sent an email containing the order details in a human readable text format. Or you could opt to have an a machine readable order file (XML) placed in a dropbox folder. There are many possible options, talk to us to discuss your requirements.

How does the consumer pay?

Your customers can pay using a credit or debit card. The money is deposited into a Stripe merchant account as part of the ordering process. So when you receive an order you know payment has been made and you are free to ship.

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For the consumer it's FREE

Retailers pay a one-off start-up fee for the following services: shop configuration; branding of the app; connection to the payment provider and submitting the app to Apple's Appstore.

There is a transaction fee, paid by the retailer, for each sale made using the app.

Start-up fee
Transaction fee

If you wish us to manage your Appstore account with Apple we will be happy to do so. There will be an annual administration fee of £82.42 which includes the annual charge made by Apple, which could change.

All prices are subject to VAT

Your mobile shopping app is ready for your customers to use!

We've done all the work - so you don't have to

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