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We have spent time designing, crafting and perfecting the way frootly looks and, above all, the way it feels so intuitive to use. Making an application this simple and easy to use takes time, as well as the dedication to eliminate the un-necessary, while focusing on understanding the important. This effort has been worth it, we have created a highly usable, well balanced and intuitive application ready for your customers to use.

JanesTshirts is a fictitious store we are using to demonstrate how the app would look. I’ll leave it for you to imagine how great it will look with your product range!

Now, Jane sells T-Shirts and has a loyal customer base; many of whom return regularly and make repeat purchases. Jane decided she wanted to reach further than her geographic store and website; and is now ready to take the leap into mobile commerce and get closer to her customers.

This is were frootly adds technical knowledge and experience into the mix, and integrates Jane’s product catalog into the app. It’s now ready for submission to the app store. Once the approval process is complete Jane can promote it to her customers, say through discussion, point-of-sale notices, and links promoted in social media.

So, what do the customers see? Here’s a video to show you a customer opening the app and placing an order for a couple of Janes T-Shirts - all it takes is a few taps…

Now that you have seen the video I have a question for you: **how many more orders will your customers send to you, when it this quick and easy?**

To find out how easily you can be up and running, talk to us at:

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