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So here’s the question, what exactly does frootly do?

Well, we aim to get you closer to your customers, and here’s how.

What happens when one of your customers thinks of you and wants to place an order? This can happen at any time and anywhere, and there’s the problem. If they don’t order immediately they could completely forget they wanted to buy from you - the opportunity is lost.

All that would be very different if they had your app on their mobile phone. The phone comes out of their pocket and with a few taps the order is placed - no matter where they are. No need for data or wireless coverage, they could be in a dead spot (or just not wanting to use mobile data). If they aren’t connected when they order - the app sends it when they get back into coverage or, if they prefer, when next connected to WiFi.

Sounds great, I’d like my own branded app, but how easy is it to get started? Well, frootly has been designed to get you up and running very quickly. Not experienced in IT? Don’t worry we will be with you all they way, and yes, we are very experienced in IT and we also know how to help you get started.

It’s time to put your shop, in their pocket… with your brand…

The app displays your branding and is promoted in your name. Give us a product list and you will soon have a beautiful app ready to showcase your products. Your customers will quickly start buying from you using their mobile device.

So if you would like to get closer to your customers, do we have an app for you!

Take a look at the features you can benefit from right here:

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