Mobile shopping app for retailers,Make more sales,Get closer to your customers

Making it easy for retailers

The app that changes everything!

We know you want to be right there, with your customers when they decide to buy. Well, you can't get much closer than in their pocket!

We designed this app to be easy for customers to use and simple for retailers to configure.

You too, can extend your presence and go beyond the traditional shopping experience.

An order is just a couple of taps away.

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Your retail shop >

Simplify access to your retail store, make ordering easy and see how quickly your customers can use your shopping app on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

In their pocket >

Be with your customers at the moment they have the buying impulse, keep them informed with status notifications on their mobile app.

With your brand >

As a retailer you can get your brand closer to your customers, using your very own beautifully designed mobile shopping app, you can sell your products, your way.

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Built for retailers

Designed for consumers

Naturally, you want the best for your customers - and so do we. You also want to keep the support effort to a minimum. That is why we have taken great care in crafting a mobile app that is so easy to use and simple to understand.

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Your brand

Looking great

Consumers get a beautifully designed app which has been carefully designed to be intuitive to use. The number of taps and keyboard entry has been kept to the absolute minimum. This attention to detail enables the consumer to stay focused on their purchase.

Customers rely on you

and you can rely on us!

That's why we built in reliability from the start, you can lean on us - we can take the strain.

Our philosophy is to keep out of your way. Your service will continue to operate smoothly no matter how much business you generate through your customers. If we sound confident, it is because from the outset we built the back-office systems to scale in response to increasing demand. It is built for growth.

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Your mobile shopping app is ready for your customers to use!

We've done all the work - so you don't have to

We know it needs to be easy >

“our success depends on yours”

We know a retailers life can get pretty busy, so we have made it quick and easy for you to get started. A fully functional shopping application is ready and waiting for you to use.

We've done all the work - so you don't have to. You give access to your product data and we supply a beautiful app so your customers can place orders at any time - no matter where they are.

We take care of all the details - including the submission to the app store. So you can concentrate on what is important for building and expanding your business, while we mange the app and the back-office systems that keep it going.

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